All major cities of world are heavily polluted

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The report of Delhi city alone is that the silencers of trucks, buses, motor, etc. throw more than 20 thousand pounds of sulfur dioxide in the air every day. The thermal powerhouse alone produces 95 pounds of gas which is not only harmful to the body but also for buildings and iron bridges. The Taj Mahal of Agra is fading away due to the gases in those cities. To keep him safe for a long time, the idea of ​​having such a solution is being thought to prevent the erosion of that beautiful marble. If the carbon mono oxide gas is in the seven hundredth part of the air, then the breather will die in it. If it is one-millionth, then the animals of that area will fall ill.

The haze over industrial cities can be seen anytime. It is full of carbon, sulfate, nitrate, lead, hydro-carbon compounds. The dust and smoke together form a ‘smog’ sheet under which not only humans but tree plants also suffocate. Their natural development is severely stunted.

Industrial factories continuously produce about 3000 types of poisons such as carbon d-oxide, sulfur oxide, dioxide, chlorine, burnt rubber. They are covered in air and the breathers in that region are forced to breathe in the same air. Unfortunates do not even know the reality that in addition to the glowing glow seen in these cities, there is also poisoning in the air, which continues to weaken the roots of their health.

Sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, smog reactants, carbon dioxide, ozone and fine particles are released from the factories. Also, carbon particles, lead particles, metal particles from factories with metals etc. are also included.

Sulfur dioxide oxide causes emphysema, heart disease, etc. When the air is moist, it becomes sulfuric acid from this gas, which damages buildings and vegetation and also destroys the steel.

Carbon mono oxide gas combines with the haemoglobin in the blood and reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This causes fatigue while driving the motor. Weakness and incidences of vertigo also increase.

Then, fumes are formed by these poisonous gases, due to which cancer, various diseases of the respiratory system, heart disease, etc. are spread. Vegetation is damaged by ozone. Fine particles make the objects dirty, adversely affect the viewing power of the eyes and cause dysfunction in the respiratory system. To push the engines, glass is added to the petrol, but the toxic smoke that is produced due to it, the toxicity of the atmosphere is increasing day by day.

The rise of smoke in the air means the destruction of its germicidal power. It is clear that if the ability to kill germs in the air is destroyed, then germs will grow in huge quantities and destroy agriculture. In these areas of America’s most air-polluting, there is an abundance of agro-germs that if a germicidal drug is not reached in a field, then a grain does not escape when DDT Just as the use of disinfectants makes food poisonous, both the problems are terrible. The only way to avoid them is to replace smoke-raising industries, small cottage industries and handicrafts.

Smoke haze in California causes direct damage to crops of 15 million dollars. Indirect damage is estimated at $ 132 million. The problem is similar in other states.

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