Human needs to progress but in a conscious way!!

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It is appropriate that humans move in the direction of progress. The progress of science is a major achievement of this era. He has given a new impetus to the human race that a lot can be done for the bright future – to increase maximum happiness, it is also being done. In these centuries, scientific discoveries have given a lot to human beings and have generated hopeful enthusiasm in many fields. The importance of these achievements cannot be denied.

The importance of the increase in human amenities along with scientific progress cannot be denied. Today’s human beings have more resources than the people of hundred and two hundred years ago in the fields of traffic, tomorrow-factory, agriculture and crafts, humour, medicine, education etc. The facilities which have been provided with the help of electricity, radio, wires, telephone, press, newspaper, etc. may not seem surprising to some people due to their practice, but a person from five hundred years ago, come and see all this. Compared with the circumstances of the person, he would feel that he is wandering in some unknowable monster. Rapid vehicles have their own glory, facilities provided by rail, motor, aircraft, submarine, ships, etc. should not be undermined. Medical and surgical achievements are not small. Entertainment has also become possible for poor people through cinema and television, radio. The progress made in the field of space travel has made man as tall as a tower.

Under a branch of brain science called ‘Somiology’, research is being done that the thinking system of humans can be changed permanently, but not in the form of charge for some time. Just as plastic surgery cuts the limbs and transforms the ugliness into beauty, the brain’s basis for thinking and conviction should also be changed so that it can happily agree to be the brain doctor forever.

Plans to convert sea saltwater to freshwater, to make artificial rainfall, to make deserts fertile, to fulfil the purpose of fuel with nuclear power, to exploit sea wealth, to renew the organic matter a new light of hope shines in me.
Inspired by these achievements, man has started to have the arrogance to consider himself as the suzerain of nature and in the process of making himself omnipotent – from making deadly atomic armaments – is moving militantly in the process of livelihood to conduct disorderly libel. In the enthusiasm of successes, he has started losing consciousness. Its adverse effect is also coming in front of him. Unrecognized and immoral progress is not acceptable to nature, she will try to stop it, after all, she has to maintain her balance.

Arnold Tynvi in ​​his book ‘A Study in History’ has highlighted the status and progress of Western civilization from many perspectives and concludes that ‘by forgetting the direction of progress in progress, the way we go. Its end will be presented in the form of the complete holocaust. ‘In the other texts of Tynvi,’ Nationality and the War ‘and’ The New Europe ‘, analyzing the western public mind, highlight the ill effects of his goalless progress. This advance will cost us even more than our retreat in the near future.

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