Light rays in universe

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83 percent of our knowledge comes through the eyes and affects the brain. Light is the medium for this vision. The eyes are able to see only on the basis of light. Despite being healthy, you cannot see anything in the absence of light. His ability becomes frustrated in the dark. At the same time, knowledge also stops. In the definition of spirituality, knowledge and light are used in the same sense. Wherever the philosophy of light was mentioned in the elemental discussion, there would have been a discussion of dignity of knowledge rather than light.

As our knowledge is expanding, so too are the layers of the vastness of physical light opening up. Our eyes are able to see only the eminent light rays of seven colours, but it is now known that even outside the grip of the eyes, its vastness is much wider than the visible light. Cosmic rays, gamma rays, x rays, transgender light, heat waves, radio waves, fall under the family of light.

All of them are powerful and amazing – cosmic rays. The electromagnetic rays from the eternal sky continue to rain on this earth in the same way as in the rainy season, there is water from clouds or heat from the sun during the day. Some time ago gamma rays were considered to be leading in terms of power, but now the focus of science world is on ‘cosmic rays’. They are now considered paramount as a power source. In the language of science, these sensory rays are called cosmic rage. Ongoing 30 km from the ground, some specific atoms in the air system experience the rain. Investigation suggests that these particles are not atoms — but their ‘bare nuclei’. Atoms are like a solar family between which the ‘nucleus’ resides and the electrons orbiting around it move. But in cosmic radiation, there are only bare nuclei without electrons, of which the lower power is pulled from the Earth’s magnetic force towards the polar regions and the remaining powerful particles enter the Earth’s air system. Then the atomic nuclei of the atmosphere and the cosmic ray nuclei collide. By this confluence coordination, new caste particles are born. They are known by the names of meson hyper ones, minus nucleons, etc. Even so, the existence of these cosmic rays does not cease, they collide with the air nuclei – giving rise to new nuclei and reach the earth plane. Yes, they do not have the form that was before entering the air chamber. Here they are in a much-changed state. More than 3 nuclear elements have been discovered on Earth so far. The cyclotron elements credited with making them built, developed and moving are a replica of the cosmic rays. In this one word, the origin of eternal power should be said. The proton sacrotron installed in Geneva can produce 27 billion electron volts of power. Some particles of cosmic radiation are 10 million times more powerful than this.

Where do these cosmic rays come from, where is their source of origin? Investigating this, it has been discovered that in this Nikhil universe some old and old stars in the encompassing category continue to die and some new stars are born from their deaths. When these new stars come into existence, their age energy is scattered in the periphery where it is experienced as a distortion of cosmic rays. Due to the very high temperature on the death of old stars, the ignition process of helium, hydrogen etc. causes a severe explosion and the star is torn to pieces. The aura of this explosion remains visible in the sky for about a month. This exploding matter appears in a new way in the form of a new star — it is called a scientist – supernova. This innovative star is the source of cosmic rays. The current Innovative stars are named after the name ‘Crab Nebula’. The death and birth process of stars is often seen once in 300 years.

In its sky Ganges, not only are the stars filled but in its mid-day, there are also such huge clouds made of sparse gas and dust, which keep on moving continuously. The cosmic rays emanated by the ‘’Crab Nebula’, some come directly to the earth, some collide with these clouds and they start descending in all directions.

Engaged in different purposes of the earth – ready to carry out various processes – the superpower of the earth is not its own product, it comes from elsewhere. Earth uses it. Useless so that it can be considered as rye compared to the mountain. The rest of the power continues to disintegrate and becomes unmanaged and then goes in some unknown direction.

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