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Saopalo and Rio de Janeiro are two neighboring cities in the state of Brazil. Around 1916, the population of Saopalo was now five times more than that of the population, and in parallel to the increase in population, the factories and factories have also grown there, it is estimated that in the said period five thousand new factories in Sao Palo. On the contrary, the Municipal Corporation of Río de Janeiro has issued an ‘Organic Dust’ Warning of the magazines given in 1873 (in this warning it was already said that if the factory grows tomorrow, its smoke will be for mankind Would not pose a serious threat). Now the situation is that in the sky of Sao Palo, ten tons of hydrofluoric acid and about one thousand tons of sulfuric anhydride are dissolving in the air and the number of deaths due to bronchial (respiratory disease) in the city has doubled. In the morning people come out of the houses coughing — the people of Madrid who feel the terrible condition of this state say, ‘We drink as much of the contaminated element with the breath of the morning as any diesel engine can run smoothly throughout the day.’ On one hand Sao Palo is choking in smoke, on the other hand the people of Río de Janeiro are still left from this predicament.

There is a small industrial township called Donora in Pennsylvania (America) on the banks of a river called Monong Sela, there are many factories here. As such, the smoke of these factories is usually overshadowed and people have become accustomed to tolerating it, but on 28 October 1971, the situation became strange there. Smoke and dusty haze dominated the darkness like rain for four days. No one knows that the day has come. Even day and night, Kalonch was so rainy that its layers were frozen on the streets and the feet of those who came out clearly started to appear on it. A strong smell could be smelled of sulfur in the air. Cars stopped on the road. The hospitals were packed with sick people. To save their lives, doctors started migrating to go far. 6 thousand fell ill in the small township of that 18 thousand population due to diseases of throat, vertigo, vomiting, swelling of eyes, etc. Some of them had to face death.

One such incident occurred in the Rosarica region of Mexico. The settlement is only 15 thousand, but there are plenty of hydrogen sulfide and other types of factories. One day accidentally broke the gas bond of the factory and went out for an hour to travel in the open sky. In such a time he shook the whole city. 320 So while filling in the hospital, how many of them did not return home, they had to lose their lives there.

A similar disaster once occurred in London. It was the month of December. Suddenly clouds of black smoke enveloped the sky. His density became so high that nothing looked beyond ten feet. It became impossible for airplanes to fly in the sky and motors on the ground. The sun looked like a blurred light hanging in the sky, the light was not coming out of it. Many toxic substances such as sulfur dioxide were dissolved in the air. It was getting harder to breathe. It is difficult to count how many fell sick with this, but the account of death is that 4 thousand died instantly in the same 4-5 days and 8 thousand of the sick died in a few days. One more such in 1956 Air pollution rained on London, in which a thousand people died. A few days before this, another such gust had killed four hundred. In New York, two hundred died in the same cycle in 63 years. 168 people died in 66 years. Seeing the increased haze and toxicity in the air, the health authorities advised people to stay in the houses. It was raining on the streets so much that it was not empty of danger to go in with breath. People left all work and remained closed in their homes till this disaster arose.

The furnaces of smoke-blowing factories were closed, motors were stopped running, homes were banned for burning stoves. The weather got better, otherwise 40 people were estimated to be in the grip of this disaster due to the situation.

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