The environment which we are contaminating!!

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The crisis of the excess fuel that is being burnt in factories and vehicles these days and the excess heat generated by it should not be underestimated. If the current order continues, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase enormously in the next 25 years and its heat will cause the ice of the Pole regions to melt rapidly. Its effect will be revealed as the sea level rises and if that sequence goes on, then the seawater will rise about 400 feet high when all the snow melts and that crisis will keep half of the earth submerged in water. It will begin to produce the maritime crisis growing after 25 years, and in 400 years that crisis will arise, due to which today’s scientific enthusiasm is considered to be a curse that rises to human destruction.

Due to fast-moving vehicles, use of electricity, an excessive amount of fire burning in small places, breathing in the pitch, the heat of bodies and bodies, tomorrow-factory, the temperature is much higher than in the rural area. The electric fans do not drop the temperature, only the air rotates from here, the fashion of tight and one on one clothes increases the heat around the bodies. Pucca houses and stone roads keep heating up. Residents of cities are losing their natural physical ability in this increased temperature.

Increasing air pollution can result in an ice age like the last ice doom and a large part of the earth is not habitable for a long period of time, the power of a fierce cold is established on it. Began

The American climate agency’s meteorologist William Kan says that if 50 million tons of contaminants are added to its atmosphere, the temperature of the earth will fall by 11 degrees centigrade which will make it difficult for trees, flora and animals with soft bodies to survive. Then half of the greenery in the world will be destroyed.

Dr Earl, W. Waratt calculated that 2.5 million tons of contaminants have entered the atmosphere. It will take some time to penetrate 20 times more pollution to reach the crisis point of 50 million tons, but in view of the order in which the pollution is increasing, perhaps even a thousand years will not have to wait and the snowfall catastrophe faces the inhabitant’s Will stand This pollution will be covered like haze and the rays of the sun will penetrate that umbrella and reach the ground in small quantities. In such a situation, the possibility of an ice age is clear.

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