The importance of travelling by foot

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It should be said that today travelling in Europe has become as risky as sailing a broken boat in a stormy sea. 0.1 million vehicles in Sweden trample 76.1 men every year, 52.6 in New Zealand, 53.8 Denmark’s 0.1 million registered vehicles kill 101.8 passengers, despite many security measures in the US. France is more than that, it grinds 112.9 people with its so many motors, cars and wheels, while the vehicles of Switzerland and Germany chew on 153 and 159.8 persons respectively. If this famine dead souls roam around in the sky and the atmosphere, then it is difficult to imagine how disturbing the subtle conscience of the human race would be.

The whole world falls within the limits of the journey of an hour and nothing is lost from it. Therefore, the logic of bringing the whole world to one point by increasing the means of traffic is foolish. When it was not available, history tells that even then the whole world was so close. Proximity can only be good for ideas, principles and human ideals, its other means are the growth which should be increased by the proximity of filth-enhancing bodies, which are increasing in the world today. Therefore, the efforts of the development of these tools cannot be called good at all.

Today everything is turning upside down. Every year in Europe, 5000 people die in road accidents and they become disabled for life after suffering about 0.1 million accidents, yet efforts are being made that there is an average of 25 motors on 200 persons here and soon on 200 persons Let’s get an average of 50 and 75. If the pace of development keeps increasing in this way, then one day it may come when neither footpaths will be left for walking nor pedestrians. Then people will die by accident themselves. After all, if these artificial means of transport increase, accidents and death rates will also be 100 percent from 79 and 37 percent. Then literature will also be written on traffic accidents instead of the benefits of walking, which will be terrible from these lines. There can be a rescue from that catastrophe right now.

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