The science of Balance | Part-2

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The third theory of Complexity shows that people with whom we do not have a direct relationship also have a distant relationship, and in the course of time, it affects those who do not perceive a direct relationship with them. We cannot ignore the sequence of events happening anywhere in the world, saying what is our relationship with this? We are not directly or indirectly right, we are always affected by any level of an event.

Eagle, the national bird of America, is still preparing to lose its existence. The biologists who discovered what led to this self-killing-like power-drain have come to the conclusion that the DDT to protect plants from insects. Like chemical fluids have been used, due to which the Eagle’s natural diet became unfavorable and as a result, it lost fertility. In such a situation, its existence was bound to end. Thus, chemical solutions do not have direct relation with the fertility of Eagle, but the use of one for mixing the formula has caused catastrophe like catastrophe for the other. A similar relational formula connects us with the movements of other beings or occur elsewhere.

Psychology expert Vari Kamgar says this – the difference between country and caste is artificial. The wall between man and man is meaningless. Not only this, it is a mistake to consider the beings and roots considered independent from each other. We are all aboard a boat whose sinking will result in equal suffering for all. Ayuwans, Professor of Pathology and Micro Biology, Rock Feller University (New York), says that we are falling apart from the ravages of cosmic cycles. Our effort has its importance, but the cosmic movements do not make us less constrained and compelled.

They say that all branches of science are interlinked. Therefore their first division is not appropriate at all. Only by studying the various branches of physics and biology in a coordinated manner can we reach a complete conclusion.
Zambia and Rhodesia countries of the continent of Africa have built several dams in the past, due to this they have caused unexpected problems and they are not less than the benefit of the dams, but more harmful and complex. In the middle of the seas, small islands scattered here and there have been badly affected by the encouraging development schemes and those efforts have been considered as a loss deal.

Human progress, happiness, peace and order can be imagined only by keeping this fact active in every sphere of human life. The bed of rules and regulations is small, but the ambitions of man are huge. If the cravings grow and each area of knowledge is gathered in support of the same, then it is natural to tear that sheet in this tussle and let the humans chill in the cold, get caught in the harsh law system of nature. Whether the atmosphere is as toxic as water, air and earth, or the catastrophe of war — the meaning will be the same, that if the feet of man continue to move quickly towards craving, ego and luxury towards physical desires, tomorrow is not right The day after tomorrow, the nettle will surely come which will lick its progeny with this earth, ambitions will be destroyed.

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