The science of Balance | Part-1

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German philanthropist Vetta Heckel came to the conclusion about a century ago that the creation order is running on the support balance of various units. Just as the parts of the body, cells and tissues – together carry out the activities of life, in the same way, the various components of the world complement each other and keep the balance of creation in order. This interdependence system has been very carefully made by the creator and hoped that it will not be heavily manipulated by anyone except for minor manipulations during normal use. As long as this desire and order of creation will remain, the wonderful beauty and captivating activity of this earth will also continue.

The above rendering is named ‘Ecology’ by Heckel. Since then, the interest of scientists has not decreased on this side, but it has increased and these new aspects of the research have been considered as an independent science. Now the science of creation equilibrium is taken under the word Ecology.

Ecological research efforts have led to the conclusion that every object of nature is intimately connected with each other. Oxygen, water, light, plants, germs, animals, birds and humans are all different, visible waves of the same current that are virtually interconnected by different sources.

The investigators of the creation of the balance of science have determined three principles on the basis of which the nature-related cooperation series is assuming the system of this world. The first is the principleInterdependence, the second — Limitation and the third — Complexity. These three physical principles are moving the world flow in their mixed order. Just as in the spiritual world, there is the belief of Ultimate blissful state and it is believed that on the basis of these conscious elements, the tendency of living beings, the orderliness of mind is moving. In the same way, the balance writers agree that the orderliness of the universe is dependent on interdependence, limitation and complexity.

The theory of Interdependence states that everything in nature is tied to everything else. The power of any living depending on the existence of innumerable other organisms. Human power is not free. If trees and plants stop producing oxygen, it will die out of bounds. The life of a giant tree is dependent on the small germs that decompose the dried leaves and transform them into manure and nourish the roots. Without knowing how the bacteria living in the ground feed the roots and how the small insects like ants, termites etc. work hard to get air, light and moisture to the roots, we cannot properly evaluate the life base of the tree. The tree is not independent in itself, it is dependent on the grace of some life components and survives. The main food requirement of African forest animals which meets the plant has also been found to be parasitic. Small insects carry many types of seeds and fertilizers from here and there. This plant takes its life from the same. After shutting down insect movements, the users noticed that after the facility of watering the manure, the plant loses its ability to grow and glow.

The second law of balance science is Limitation – It proves that every creature and every substance has dignity when it tries to move beyond it. The ability to increase offspring is undoubtedly amazing among creatures, but an even faster axe keeps an invisible power running smoothly to control this amplification. No matter how much the creature is created, death cannot be won in the race. As the race for birth rate increases, so does the hurdle of death. The body of beings – the expansion of trees stops on a border. Plants absorb sun rays to a certain extent and produce oxygen in the prescribed quantity. As long as the number of consumers and the quantity of usage remains consistent with the production, the structure goes on well, but when the product is prepared for consumption, the God of destruction beats those consumers. As long as the balance is there, there will be peace, but wherever the person who violates the dignity raised the head. The ego of terrorist and disorderly human beings has to fall prey to a reaction emerging from some corner. Those who eat more than the stomach needs suffer from indigestion and abdominal colic. Nature forces her to return the abduction by vomiting and diarrhoea.

This thought-provoking article will continue in part-2

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