The virtue of self-purification

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The virtue of self-purification and the charitableness of public welfare does not come, it is used for purposes of self-advertisement for the purpose of flirting publicity, on the basis of this, they have the urge to earn public respect and benefit from it. As much as this refinement of ego is exacerbated, the needs of society will be cut in the same proportion and the possibility of picture-bizarre incest will emerge. Many undesirable practices ranging from adulteration to bribery in food items are increasing due to this reason, the tendency of segregation increases. The environment of cooperative, liberal intimacy does not become the reason for this, public support in the promotion of self-improvement and the elimination of vicious tendencies is not found because the individualistic narrow selfishness of the people remains a handcuff and fettle, and for that, the country, The desire to do something for religion, society, culture is often dead. In short, this is a well-known form of social beliefs and practices.
For all this, efforts of liberal visionaries like tying the sea bridge will have to be done together. Before starting any programs, an environment has to be created so that whatever is to be done for the new generation, the public support and cooperation can get the desired amount. It is possible to properly use what is planned to be done by the right people.

In order to create the desired environment, such promotional schemes have to be implemented in a small or big way which can reverse public thinking in the direction of communism of public welfare by rescuing them from individualistic selfishness. Like a fish running boldly in the desired direction by ripping the flow, it can manufacture itself on the basis of its heroism. Good and bad publicity requires literature, art, speech, contact-consultation, motivational exhibition. The same organizations of all mystics will have to do this with great effort in such a way that they can be agreed to break all the restrictions to identify the era of the people community, which is bounded by the periphery of languages, sects, countries.

A small effort for this purpose is being done. The need is that competent people be committed to implementing these efforts in a big way in their own way. Remember; No one can do such a huge task, it requires high-level efforts, organizations and planning of leading talents to be taken up. It takes a little effort to demolish the building, but if it has to be built anew, then it requires a lot of resources, skilled workers and engineers. The people who have made the situation miserable, have to try even those who want to promote goodness creation, they will have to make a lot of efforts together to reverse the inverted flow of the atmosphere.

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