We need to link progress with ecology

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Professor Howard Dingley, an eminent astrophysicist of the University of London, and also of the history of philosophy and science — states that when we think about the nature of that science, which is prevalent nowadays and which is being used nowadays, we will find such situations from which the messengers of God will also start crying. This is not an era that the power of science should be given importance in the eyes. If the truth of science is taken care of and spiritual truths are completely forgotten, then it can have the same results which are seen today in America, England which are not pleasant. The sky in America is never a holiday. Every moment there are at least one thousand ships roaming in the sky, furiously for guarding. The guard is worried about the guard. No other country is afraid of America, it is the result of science.

Apart from aeroplanes, there are thousands of factories, motors, machines running around the clock for twenty-four hours, the dirty gases in the atmosphere are there, the noise is so much that the noise in a city, if it is converted into electric power, then all the cities By fulfilling the requirement of consumers, a lot of electricity will also be left. Due to dirty gases, new types of diseases are spreading there, there are some diseases which are found only in America, for their treatment. He has to constantly keep on searching for new medicines. Three-quarters of science is there to prevent the ill effects of one-fourth science, the reverse is happening, as science grows, the problems there are becoming more complex. Even the saintly Einstein had to say this – ‘If the progress of religion does not progress with the progress of science, the world will suffer the terrible consequences of this mistake.’

70 percent of the people there have poor brain due to 24 hours noise. Self-killing and homicides are most common in the United States, with 70 percent of Americans sleeping with sleeping pills, otherwise, their brains are so restless that they find it difficult to sleep naturally. Marital life is as painful in America and England as in any part of the world. There is a proverb in America, ‘Night marriages break off in the morning’ (Night marriages morning divers). In England, if a woman says ‘I divorce you’ (I Divers You) three times, she is legally allowed to divorce. These incidents show how hollow, painful and internal life of these countries with the progress of science and mechanization is.

This situation is not only for rich people. In the same way, for those whose race is running in front of the goal of opulence. If the imperishable feel the soul lost in its opulence, then the imperious-aspirants are finding the soul burning in the light of their aspirations.

All these things do not mean that society should leave behind the machine civilization. This would be another major mistake. We should think that we preserve our values, reduce the fatigue of labour and not destroy it. For this, there is a need to keep a sharp eye on the changing beliefs today.

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